Building Technologies and the Future Stimulation Initiative!

One of the outstanding initiatives that the government approved under the supervision of both the program of Housing and developing national industry and logistic support, is Building Technologies Stimulation Initiative which has been launched to be the focal point between the citizen, the Investor, the contractor and building technologies factories.

The Initiative aims to support the transformation from traditional building to modern building, in addition to encourage the investment in advanced building technologies, and ensuring the quality with reducing the cost of building, in which the smart housing units is been constructed with reasonable cost.

Developing Building Technologies contributes in reducing the time period of executing building projects, to meet the increasingly demand on housing units, what’s more is that encouraging the investors and pushing the real-estate contractors in order to utilize the modern building technologies, will support the performance of national factories and its role in strengthening the national economy and creating job opportunities.

And because I believe that the future is like a train that never stops: I look with interest to the stages of the development of building technologies over time and how it contributed continuously in the progress of human life and the impact on establishing civilizations, regardless of what happened during these stages filled with doubt and cautious and maybe resistance. The human being by nature is suspicious of any new thing, and when it`s said that building a complete house in two days is possible, I wasn`t surprised, because what was built from previous civilizations as urban landmarks during decades turnout to be built in years then months, and today the question is not whither we are able to build housing units using new building technologies ,but rather how we could utilize these technologies to satisfy the human need with the highest criteria’s and quality in a reasonable price.

The stimulation initiative of building technologies is a step forward towards connecting the related parties to contribute providing solutions, producing ideas, innovating technologies and easing the organizational, financial and marketing obstacles. In my opinion, this initiative when completed will be the corner stone in the future of housing and real-estate development sector.

The human journeys toward the future are summed up by bold initiatives, creative ideas and new experiences.