“Building Technologies”, an International Experiences Changes the Shape of Housing 3/8

In this Episode we shed the light over the international successful experiences and practices in the world of “Building Technologies”. It’s the area that the advanced countries entered: to obtain modern and effective solutions for the real-estate sector. What’s more is that other countries used it to solve the housing crisis they have, specially countries that suffers from population boost that force them to provide modern houses that helps to close the gap between the supply and demand.

Building Technology that Kingdom of Saudi Arabia introduce strongly is considered one of the Tech generation that the industry witness in different areas.

Now we are at the edge of the fourth generation in Building Technologies. Which depends on 3D printing that enable designing the house, easily execution, and reducing the steps to suite the customer and satisfy his needs.

In Europe, especially in countries such as Sweden, Norway and Germany, building the house is not executed  in the old fashion that depends on the contractor completely

From A to Z, but there has been factories that prepare the components of the house already to be ready, then to be installed to establish new house in as soon as possible, as if it is a process of  Installation of household furniture.

In India for example that is inhibited with one billion and four million human, the housing crisis is considered a big dilemma that faces the government and the citizen equally, in addition to that, the urban areas there suffers from crowd and difficulty in accomplishing the required tasks and consuming time more than required, therefor the government executed big plan that depends on the Building Technologies to face this dilemma to provide elegant houses , and during short amount of time and reasonable cost. The Ministry of Housing has created ready houses that depends on modern Technologies such as cast concrete to provide reasonable social house, and to reach with the plan that is named ( Housing For Everybody ) to  building 20 Million house in 2022.

Building Technology is based initially on preparing the components of house, walls and roofs in specialized factories, which then is transferred to the site to install it over the concrete or metal body afterwards through experts to cut the time of building the house to the half of the traditional way of building.  

And in United States the Building Technologies entered wider horizon and utilized the 3D Technology or 3D printing in the world of building.

One of the companies working in the field of contracting introduced a project that they said will do a leap in the building world: where it will provide ready-made house using the printer with cost of around 8 thousand dollars and the building will take only 24 hours. The house size is 60 Meters and will be ready to occupy in few hours, and this is what made the company believe that millions around the world will adopt this technology to solve the crisis of housing, especially in poor and crowded countries.

The idea of Building Technologies is based on different objectives that leads to developing the industry and it results in the interest of both the consumer and the government equally, and saving time one of these objectives, where putting the parts of the house together using ready concrete slabs in limited time in contrast to the process of building on site, and even with reasonable price as a result of the reducing many processes that’s is required to execute the building and it will be at that time attainable by everybody . In The Kingdom it takes around one year and half to build suitable house using traditional ways that depends on first generation technology, whereas the fourth generation technology reduces this period big time. In addition to that, this technology will provide many jobs and develops local industry in the kingdom and to become the pioneer in the region in this sector and to export to it.

 In the same way Saudi Arabia entered this field to create it`s experience in Building Technology field. Where many projects has conducted depending on this idea .The government allocated the required support to many factories to apply this transformation which aims to apply huge change in the concept of housing and real-estate in the kingdom.

Here “Building Technology Stimulation Initiative” is outstanding as one of the pioneer initiatives of private sector in the field of developing building and its technologies, and choosing “Building Transforms “slogan for it. The initiative that is under housing program and National Industrial Development and Logistics Program, aims to highlighting Building Technologies according to “2030 Vision” which aims to attract local and international investments and localizing the industry of Building Technology to provide modern houses for Saudi Citizen, in addition to supporting developers and contractors and encouraging them to use these technologies.

And The increase in the production capacity of Building Technology Factories through developing this industry and increasing the execution speed to improve the capacity of annual building, and decrease the cost of building to insure building housing units in easy way, and participate in creating jobs for Saudis, is considered the priority of the initiative, and this is what we will discuss in more details in the next episode under the umbrella of 2030.   

source: https://ajel.sa/Mq3SXC/