A Bundle of Financial and Awareness Facilitations for Building Technologies Developers

 “Building Technology Stimulation Initiative” applies a bundle of facilitations and benefits for developers and contractors, including trade (Financial), and awareness in order to support the usage of these technologies, and to align between the supply and demand to find sustainable building systems with smart designs and competitive prices.

The Initiative aims to spread awareness about technologies through arranging specialized workshops, and hold meetings and field visits to Building Technologies Sites and Models held on the sidelines of official events.

The Initiative focus on developing systems and policies to include incentives to use Building Technology like SHRAKAT Program that provide big incentives for developers that use modern Building Technology.

And one of the facilitations is giving the priority for developers that use Building Technology in the competitions provided by SHRAKAT Governmental Program.

The Housing Ministry insure getting the highest prices for the developers to buy the units not yet sold. And provide assurance of buying the biggest number of remaining units that uses Building Technologies.

“ Wafy” program that is related to housing ministry supports calculating the work and progress percentage in Building Technology projects.

This was the details of the report about the financial and awareness facilitation bundle provided for Building Technology Developers…for today, we hope that we are gave complete details and information’s.

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